Anniversary InterCHARM 2023 breaks all records this year!

Anniversary InterCHARM 2023 surpassed all previous records this year!

Representatives of the beauty industry gathered in Moscow on 25-28 October at 30th International Exhibition of Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry - InterCHARM.

About 65 000 professional visitors (distributors, wholesalers, retailers, beauty salon owners and specialists from all over Russia and neighboring countries) attended the exhibition to establish business contacts with representatives of more than 1200 exhibitors from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, China and Taiwan, Republic of Korea, UAE, France, India, Iran, Hungary, Thailand, UK and Pakistan.

The entire beauty industry supply chain was on display, from raw materials and ingredients for beauty brands manufacturing to laser equipment for clinics. InterCHARM is as diverse as the beauty industry itself, covering not just lipstick, cream or perfume, but also raw materials and packaging for cosmetics production, equipment for clinics, tools for hairdressers and thousands of other important things.

As a Russia's top beauty industry event, InterCHARM has proven once again its incredible efficiency and usefulness: over 50% of the exhibition's visitors hold executive positions in the beauty industry, and more than 80% of visitors are decision makers.

Russian brands and manufacturing continue to develop actively. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia is providing substantial subsidies for its development, which will result in increased demand for raw materials and packaging from China, India and Turkey. Consequently, the demand for production equipment will also surge. Moreover, foreign equipment intended for use in beauty salons and clinics will be highly sought after, as the Russian salon industry is growing rapidly.
Over the four-day exhibition, every attendee could appreciate the significance of holding industry events and exchanging expertise between market participants.

With daily attendance, one could discover novel Perfumery items from UAE-based companies AL HARAMAIN and ABC International.

Additionally, attendees could connect with TWEEZERS FOR LASHES, a producer of tweezers and nail equipment from Pakistan, and personal hygiene manufacturer LEMSER from Iran.

Over 400 Chinese companies showcased their latest product lines across various categories at this year's exhibition. The visitors from Russia were particularly drawn to LAIFEN and DREAME hair dryers, as well as the hair care brand ZHAOQING KAIJOE TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd, alongside the raw materials manufacturer HUNAN SILOK SILICONE CO., LTD.
Visitors and customers were also impressed by the products showcased by 62 Turkish companies. They appreciated the extensive selection of Turkish perfumes, fragrances, skincare and home beauty products, as well as the bath and body products presented by REBUL KOZMETİK SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. They were also drawn to the wide range of perfumes and fragrances offered by Eyup Sabri and PEREJA, and the MORFOSE and KIRMIZIGUL (REDIST) company's exceptional hair care series.
This year, 22 South Korean companies participated in the exhibition, including SowonBio, a producer of aesthetic and innovative cosmetic products, MA:NYO, a producer of face and body skincare products, and JDBio and Genoss, the leading companies in cosmetology and aesthetic Medicine.
At the business program events of the exhibition, over 2500 delegates and listeners acquired knowledge about the industry's current situation, business development tools and emerging trends.

InterCHARM retains its status as the primary hub for professionals, providing a chance to find solutions to existing queries and seek inspiration for essential discoveries. The main federal media channels carried news reports from the event, which is a long-standing tradition.

The Retail Connect Summit, a global business event introducing an international matchmaking programme and negotiations, occurred over two days on October 25th and 26th. The event attracted 40 Russian retail chains who held over one thousand meetings with suppliers which broke a record. The Retail Connect business programme is an essential growth driver for the industry in Russia. It was created to optimize resources to explore fast growth opportunities in the market.
InterCHARM serves as a robust platform for the beauty industry to share experiences, negotiate and finalize contracts, and track industry development. The event is also a golden opportunity for foreign companies to fill in the gap left by international companies that exited the Russian market following the imposed sanctions.

By attending InterCHARM, foreign companies can secure new clients and partners, showcase new products and brands, acquire raw materials, and explore new logistics solutions. This exhibition provides an excellent chance to expand your business reach, discover new distributors, retailers and partners. Appealing to a population of over 150 million people, it serves a market worth US$11 billion which grows annually at 4.5%.

On April 15-17, 2024, professionals in the industry will have the opportunity to attend the INTERCHARM Professional exhibition, showcasing professional cosmetics and equipment for beauty salons and clinics.

The next big InterCHARM show will be held in Moscow at Crocus Expo on October 9-12, 2024.